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After years of rallying some and alienating others on Facebook, it finally dawned on me (the “Ah Ha!” moment Oprah speaks of) that maybe some of my rants about politics, religion, education, and married life are better kept to myself. Unfortunately, I have a hard time keeping things to myself. Hence the need for an outlet to share my thoughts and contribute to the global conversation on the above topics.

I am opinionated but I’m not a complete idiot. I have changed my mind based on changes in research, and I am more than willing and happy to allow those who respond to me to hold ideas and beliefs in utter opposition to mine. When I’m being snarky I try to make that obvious so you don’t think I’m an ignorant dufus repeating talking points from someone else agenda. And more often than not, my wife either has a better thought on a subject when she agrees with me or has a counterargument that I have a hard time battling against. While she isn’t always right, she is my wife, and therefore never wrong.

That’s where we get “A Couple Things.” Think of this as a blog where I share a couple different things about an issue because I can’t just stop at one little point. Also, think of my wife as sharing the “she said” counterpoint to my “he said” blabbering. Or think of me as Thing 1 and her as Thing 2. Whatever works for you. As long as you think.

Clear headed debate, spiced with just a little emotion, filtered through the eyes of a highly educated, liberal Christian, news junkie who knows his Bible, his textbooks, his politicians, and his theatre: me!

Thanks for joining and sharing and listening and thinking. Welcome to A Couple Things.